Borg Technologies manufactures high quality fiber optic and specialty networking cable assemblies.

Custom Standard

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The current manufacturing services provided include the following:

  • Fiber Optic, Copper, and Hybrid Type Cable Assemblies
  • Fiber Optic Modules and Components
  • System Assembly and Testing

Choose from our standard patch cord selection in this matrix or contact us for a custom cable configuration:

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-Zipcord Cable

This type of fiber optic cable is used to provide duplex (2 fibers) conveniently for use in low stress/static type installations. Each fiber is enclosed in a cable jacket that can be 1.6mm, 2mm, or 3mm in diameter and two of these “subunits” are webbed together with the jacket compound during the extrusion process of manufacturing.

more zipcord cable info(pdf)

-Breakout Style Cable

This is a cable construction for two or more fibers and incorporating optional additional strength components (aramid fiber and/or fiberglass center rod) and a robust up-jacket (outer jacketing).The outer jacket is thicker and the overall construction can vary depending on the specific environment/purposes for its uses. These cables can have as few as one fiber and as many as 48 fibers (greater fiber counts are possible but not desirable due to cable diameter and bend limitations). Subunits are patchcord style. 

Advantages: Greater robustness where the connector is attached to the cable.

Disadvantages: Larger overall cable diameter causes limitations in bend radius and significant stiffness, which can cause installation issues in cables with higher fiber counts.

more breakout style cable info(pdf)

-Tactical Style Cable

This is a cable construction for 2 or more fibers and incorporating optional additional strength components (aramid fiber and/or center rod made of fiberglass or steel) and a robust up-jacket (outer jacketing) for outdoor use. Subunits are patchcord style.

more tactical style cable info(pdf)

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