Borg is supplied by some of the biggest and best companies in Silicon Valley including:

Anixter, Corning Cable Systems, Fiber Optics Center, Fiber System, Heiland Electronics, INSCO, Mohawk, Nanometer Technologies, Optical Cable Corporation, Pacific Paper Tube Inc., and Senko Advanced Components Inc.

Borg also supplies some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley, such as:

Black Box Networking Services, EDT, FLIR Systems, Greenlee Textron / Tempo Research, HESCO, MC Electronics Inc., Nortech Systems, Superlink Technology LLC, and Varian.



Breakout- The  length of a pigtail or sub-unit after the outer jacket of a cable removed.

Breakout Kit- A set of components that will ruggedize a sub-unit of a cable to upgrade its robustness and durability during handling and installation.

Breakout cable- A style of bulk cable that have varying degrees of "ruggedness" where each individual fiber unit in jacketed as though it is a patch cord. Specified for installations or situations where the cable must be installed in an extreme environment or pulled in long runs through ceilings or walls. The outer jacket is thicker and the overall construction can vary depending on the specific environment/purposes for its uses. These cables can have as few as one fiber and as one fiber and as many as 48 fibers (greater fiber counts are possible but not desirable due to cable diameter and bend limitations.